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Tool's Download Festival set made us eternally grateful and super excited to see them finally headlining festivals again
Korn are teasing something on social media and want fans to sign up to find out further information
Maynard and co.'s breath-taking return to the UK was worth the thirteen year wait
See our gallery of the legendary thrashers' epic send-off at Download Festival
submitted by Nick 7 days 11 hours 27 mins ago (www.loudersound.com)
Amon Amarth will play shows across Europe in November and December - Arch Enemy and Hypocrisy confirmed as special guests for UK dates
submitted by Nick 8 days 1 hour 27 mins ago (www.nme.com)
They're returning soon, it seems...Slipknot perform live at Download 2019Mysterious Slipknot posters have been spotted by fans at this weekend’s Download Festival. Check out the photo below. The metal icons appeared at the Donington Park event yesterday (June 15) for a headline performance on the main stage. Ahead of the show, fans clo...
submitted by Nick 8 days 3 hours 27 mins ago (www.loudersound.com)
The mighty Slayer are playing their last ever UK show at Download festival. Here's what we'll miss about their live performances
What we thought about the eighteen-legged Iowans triumphant return to the UK
submitted by Nick 9 days 3 hours 27 mins ago (www.loudersound.com)
It turns out Tool fans are sick of waiting for their new album
He's just embracing the Download spiritDownload Festival 2019A festivalgoer at Download Festival has been crowned ‘The Mud King’ by fellow fans in a clip from the festival site which is quickly going viral. Torrential rain hit the Donington Park site in the run-up to Download, which finally kicked off today (June 14). Punters...
Sometimes, a great record needs time and exposure and serious thought to reveal itself as a great record. And sometimes, you can tell from the opening seconds that you're hearing a great second. This album is the second kind.
As Pride month rolls around, bringing with it a sea of bigotry, pop is fighting back with the return of Muna. Columnist Douglas Greenwood tells us why their presence is so important.MunaPride month has barely even begun, yet I already feel like I’m watching its so-called power and influence swirling down the sinkhole in the UK. Late la...
Footage from Slipknot’s recent show from Prague’s O2 Arena has emerged online - as Corey Taylor and co prepare for Download headline set
submitted by Nick Jun 14th 2019 02:00 am (www.loudersound.com)
Delain reveal they’ll play four dates across England in February on their Masters Of Destiny tour
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