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Watch Bruce Dickinson’s trailer for his forthcoming spoken word tour, during which he teases a 2022 Iron Maiden tour
Mastodon, Chelsea Wolfe, Chino Moreno and more clash on DC Comics’ multiverse-restructuring soundtrack
Dani Filth reacts to the idea that Cradle Of Filth fan Ed Sheeran might make a death metal album: ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’
Stormy Daniels will be staffing the merch desk at Eyehategod's upcoming launch show for album A History of Nomadic Behavior
Every year, the Global Citizen initiative puts on a big show to encourage companies and philanthropists to donate money to fight poverty, restore destroyed trees, and aid other worthy causes. Naturally, the way they do this is through huge and star-studded concerts throughout the world. This year, the Global Citizen Festival will be a 24-hour ma...
Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine shuts the door on any possibility of ex-bassist David Ellefson ever returning to the band
Hear Metallica’s thrash classic Creeping Death reimagined as Southern sludge, and emerge as a Load-era monster
From Bathory to Judas Priest, these are the records that shaped Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates
Iron Maiden release new video with Bruce Dickinson inviting fans to Belshazzar’s Feast, suggesting new music is imminent
System Of A Down man Serj Tankian wants to "dance into the auditory canals of listeners" via the medium of cinematic, musical poetry
What life as a black metal legend has taught Satyricon's frontman Sigurd 'Satyr' Wongraven
Trivium drop cryptic teaser video on social media, declaring that a "ritual" is to begin on July 9
Jucifer’s Gazelle Amber Valentine on inspiring Darius Marder’s Sound Of Metal, the realities of living on the road, and why they haven’t watched the film
HBO share the first trailer for their documentary on Woodstock ’99, a festival marred by violence, arson and rape
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