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"It’s not easy raising three of the heaviest bands", says the mother of Metallica, Slayer and Pantera
A version of Metallica's 1991 track Holier Than Thou recorded during pre-production rehearsals has been released – taken from The Black Album's upcoming 30th anniversary reissue
Soundcloud user/music producer Dynamike aka Mike Logan has brought the party with this doozy of a metal mash-up
Denis Pauna is back at it again, and this time he's mastering the sound of King Diamond
submitted by Nick Jul 6th 2021 10:00 am (www.loudersound.com)
Trivium have posted a mysterious new video onto their social media accounts, and it's got fans in a twist about what it could mean
A previously unpublished 1981 interview with Lemmy reveals how he almost broke up Motörhead long before fame struck
Opeth's masterpiece Blackwater Park changed extreme metal forever. Three young musicians discuss how it influenced them
Your bottles of Trooper need never get cold again if you use the official Iron Maiden Eddie's Playmate Classic 14 Quart Cooler
Bring Me The Horizon get saucy with their own bespoke vegan BBQ glaze, just in time for summer
It's Chop Suey! for Sunday Lockdown Lunch as Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp cover System Of A Down
When Bruce Dickinson left, NWOBHM titans Iron Maiden entered their darkest days. Then Blaze Bayley gave them their first light in the black
Snag say their music is inspired by climate anxiety, and yeah, their new Death Doula certainly sounds like the world coming to an end. The Milwaukee band plays a chaotic but loosely poppy form of screamo, usually harsh and bombastic but littered with melody. Early single “Heirloom” even sounds like it has some orchestral dram...
Sharon Den Adel gives an exclusive interview on the band's bombastic upcoming livestream
Are Iron Maiden teasing us with cryptic clues suggesting their 17th studio album is close? Or are we being low-key trolled?
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